Sunday, January 14, 2007

Haley's Uh-Oh!

Today at 11 am, I went to get gas in Mom's car. As I was merging from Exit 36 onto the highway the car skid, fishtailed and as I tried to turn out of it I smashed into a wall. The front end of the car hit the wall, the airbag went off then the car spun again and the back left side hit the wall.

A nice man helped me move the car to the shoulder and a nice old couple called the cops and an ambulance and stayed with me until they came. I called the house hysterical and Dad quickly came. The TOR fire department threw cat liter on the highway to clean up the antifreeze that had spilled due to the crash. The ambulance drivers (like 80 years old) asked me questions and when they found out how old I was, they had shocked looks on their faces and called Dad over to release me. The cop took my license and registration and proceeded to ask me questions about Blockbuster since I was holding movies in my hand. E-bomb and The Champ showed up with Mom in tow and took pictures of the accident.

I went home and my twin sister took me to the hospital where we met all the staff including Tom with the peace sign tatoo on his hand. I had 8 xrays taken of my right wrist 2 of my left for comparison, 6 of my left elbow and 2 of my right elbow for comparison. My right wrist is broken and my left elbow is just sore.

Please send chocolate and flowers to me c/o Mom.


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