Thursday, January 25, 2007

She's Her Own Jewelry Store

Siti SuhanaA 23 year old small town girl living in Taman Cempaka, Durian Tuggal, Malaysia, has become an overnight sensation. She produces colourful crystal-like stones from beneath her toenails which have left doctors baffled.

The skin under Siti Suhana’s toenails opens up, releases a stone and then closes itself.

The stones, she said, normally come out in fives, but in the past few days only two marble-sized stones have appeared, she said. One was green and the other was like a pearl.

About 10 minutes before a stone comes out, Siti Suhana experiences nausea and toothache. "At that time, I can’t think of the pain. I just want the stones to be out. "Sometimes they even come out when I’m asleep," she said, adding that the larger stones have to be dug out.

Last October and November Siti Suhana sought medical advice for her swollen toes. However, X-rays did not show anything unusual.

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I'm sorry, but I think this is disgusting.