Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Butt Can it Predict the Future?

Ulf BuckA blind German psychic who lives in the village of Meldorf, northwest of Hamburg, Germany, claims that naked buttocks can be used to predict the future.

Clairvoyant Ulf Buck, 39, claims that people's buttocks have lines like those on the palm of the hand, which can be read to reveal much about their character and destiny.

By running his fingers along a number of lines on the surface of a client's naked buttocks, he says he can tell them about their future monetary success, family life, health and happiness.

He says lines representing success, career and artistic ability extend inwards from the outer extremities of the buttocks, while a further five lines radiate outwards.

"An apple-shaped, muscular bottom indicates someone who is charismatic, dynamic, very confident and often creative. A person who enjoys life," he said. "A pear-shaped bottom suggests someone very steadfast, patient and down-to-earth."

He is quick to shoot down any suggestion that his buttock groping might be motivated by anything other than a genuine desire to probe people's futures.

via Spluch

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