Sunday, March 11, 2007

Evan Meets Seniors

Today was the day Gazette writer Evan got to meet senior citizens in person. At first afraid that the years of capitivity would only make these beasts wilder, Evan decided to puts his fears to rest and meet some old people. Evan made the jaunt to the Palme Aire retirement community and golf resort to visit with Dr and Mrs. Bert Lavine. After getting lost in the community and trying to get diretions from a man who yells "Edythe, Please" every minute, Evan arrived and was greeted in the lobby by Mrs Lavine or Edy as she likes to be called.

Edy then began to speak very negatively about the GOP as if she is in some sort of Older Womens League (The OWLs). Evan was afraid to ask was not that the party of Lincoln, the man who you voted for in your first election? Evan was then regaled with tales of the depression. Of how one would work all day for half a penny and if lucky the boss would let you keep the bigger half. "These are different times and it is a shanda what this administration is doing to the working class" said Edy while putting dishes away in a cabinet that had a picture of Nancy Pelosi (I kid you not). Edy will also be coming out of retirement to fill in for Lou Dobbs next week while he is on vacation.

In short a great time was had by all. The Settes were there, Lillian is looking well. Joe kept speaking about little Lori who had no teeth. The Webers who I met for the first time were very interesting and as a plus Bernie can drive at night. Also Lorraine has a terrible sleep walking problem where she sometimes walks down numerous flights of stairs. Grandpa says his leg doesn't hurt but he is starting to have trouble on his feet. Grandma also spoke in depth about how she met Grandpa at the Concord and how she came back to Yetta and the two girls and told them about Brucie. She told them she met him and Lori asked if he was widower, upon finding out that he was a bachelor. Lori who happened to be 8 at the time said at least he does not live with his mother. When Grandma said that he does Lori said Mommy thats the worst. Grandpa then spoke about how after the wedding he sent Lori a letter at camp that was signed multiple choice with what you can call me A) Dr. Lavine B) Dad C) Bert. Grandma then received a letter that said "Dear Mom, I got Dr. Lavine's letter, I will call him Dad. Love, Lori.
(Interestingly I could take some journalistic liberties with this story as anything could be posted about these people, because I doubt they know how to use THE COMPUTER)

- Evan will be on a cruise until Friday where he will be covering Spring Break and trying to uncover what makes Girls Go Wild.

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