Thursday, March 08, 2007

House in need of surgery after vandals pick its nose

A 12ft (3.67m) sculpture of a nose which is attached to the side of a house in Bristol is in urgent need of repairs according to its owner.

The pink landmark piece of art in Rosslyn Road, Redland, was created 10 years ago and can be seen from passing trains and nearby roads.

 Jane Tarr

Vandals have pushed a pole up the right nostril breaking the paper skin.

"It's in urgent need of a nose job - it's falling apart," said Jane Tarr, who I'm advised is better known in the neighbourhood as 'Crazy Jane', who lives in the house.

Ms Tarr hopes to raise the £1,000 cost of repairing the nose using fibreglass, and has sent out letters to people living nearby to see if they would like it to be kept.

via Arbroath

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