Thursday, March 08, 2007

Personal Programmable Electronic Digital Billboard

If memory serves me correctly, I think we were just talking about this over lunch. "Just Say NO!"


The office desk nameplate of the future is here today.
No more silly wooden wedges with your name etched in metal — pixels are where it's at.

From the website:

    Personal Digital Billboard

    Imagine the possibilities.

    Your very own LED electronic billboard for office, store or home.

    Just plug it in and program messages for all to see in bright red scrolling text.

    Now we're able to offer high-end digital billboard technology for hundreds less than before.

    This is the perfect time to adapt this technology for everyday use.

    Use it as a motivational tool for the office by displaying the employee of the week or month.

    Let people know about upcoming meetings.

    Even has a built-in digital clock with seconds.

    Built-in keyboard with entire alphabet, 10 number keys and symbols allows for easy programming.

    Stores up to 26 preprogrammed messages with up to 60 characters each.

    Program letters, numbers or symbols.

    Base can be removed for easy wall mounting.

    27"W x 6"H x 2.5"D.


via Book of Joe

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Reserved said...

Ooooh this is great! I have another saying - "stop chatting!". I believe the chatterbox would be much more efficient and amazed at how much could actually get done in a normal 8 or 10 hour day. But what do I know. I'm salaried. I get to leave at 5:00. Mostly.