Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Left-Handers Day!

Today is happy left-handers day!!

The aims of Left-Handers Day are:

  • To raise awareness of left-handedness and the challenges caused by living in such a right-handed world.
  • Educate designers and manufacturers to accommodate left-handers’ comfort and safety in new product and building design
  • Celebrate the strengths and advantages left-handers possess, and dispel many of the superstitions and fiction that have surrounded left-handedness in many cultures for hundreds of years, and which still create prejudice today.
  • Provide the greatest possible range of tools and equipment specifically designed for left-handers to use – making everyday tasks easier than left-handers have ever experienced, and making a positive difference to their lives.
  • Promote research into various aspects of left-handedness. This year we publish the initial results of our Life Choices Survey and promoting further research to compile a picture of the jobs, activities and hobbies that left-handers tend to choose and why.
Evan, "Have you always been left-handed?"


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