Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Our Evening with The Police

As you are well aware, last night Stuie & I were treated by our four wonderful (they paid me big bucks to say that) children to see The Police. Our evening began with dinner at the USS Chowder Pot IV. Stuie was so happy that we were eating there. Considering that it was a Tuesday evening, the restaurant was very crowded.

We then went over to Rentschler Field. We parked our car some where near the porto-potties and set out on our trek to the stadium. We were now hanging with 39,000 of our newest friends.

Our seats reminded both of us of our first date. They were smack dab behind the speaker tower. It didn't matter much to me since I was watching the jumbotron the entire time.

We sat down before showtime and started to talking to the two women seated next to us. They kept telling us how old they were but we were older than they were. One woman got up and went to buy earplugs. When she returned, both Stuie & I became jealous and so Stuie went and purchased earplugs for us too. That was the best investment of the evening. We were able to enjoy the music and not have ringing in the ears. What more could you ask for?

The average age of the crowd was probably around 45 but that didn't stop anyone for boogeying up a storm. The warm-up band was called FictionPlane and one woman sitting next to me told me that the lead singer was Stings' son. I guess it always helps to know the right people.

The Police came out around 9 and played straight thru until 11ish. They were wonderful and you could see how hard they were working. The crowd was singing along with Sting. We were all such close friends that we were all on a first name basis. When we called home so you could hear them singing Roxanne, you hung up on us. Your loss.

We left the stadium and trekked back to find the car. We knew that it was parked by the porto-potties and so we headed in that direction. It wasn't too bad. We only misplaced the car for about 5 or 6 minutes but with the help of the emergency button we were able to find the car blinking at us.

We came home tired, able to hear and amazed that we did something so out of character for us.

We really want to thank our four wonderul (they didn't pay me that time) children for a fun filled evening.

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Reserved said...

Sometimes you just have to step outside the box! Glad you had fun.