Tuesday, September 04, 2007

easyglider X6

This looks like fun (for someone else not me).

SURF YOUR LIFE - Powerful Bottom Turn

Easy Glider auf sandigem Untergrund

Casually cruising the boulevards, easy turns on the sidewalk – easyglider is your new fun and sports vehicle. No more waiting for snow; no more getting ready for the lakes: Now it’s easy to glide anywhere.

Cutbacks, bottom turns, tricks and moves – all you need is your very own imagination. And the easyglider. Surf’s up!

NO LIMITS - Extra Skateboard Power

Easy Glider mi Skateboard

Take the next turn with high speed, grind the curb on your way to the office the choices are unlimited.

Whether you it the skate park or just the neighborhood streets – completely unleash your creativity and all that counts is your very own style.

RIDE ON - Cruisin' In The City

Nahaufnahme Easy-Glider Griff

Just cruisin' around town or racing down the alleys – easyglider is your new stylish way to get from one point to another.

The environmentally friendly electric motor stands for easy riding and a whole lot of fun. There's probably not a classier way to get from A to B, or C, or D...

TAKE OVER - Arrive In Better Shape

Gruppenausflug mit Easy-Glidern

The easyglider is not only fun and exciting – it's also the right vehicle to substitute your car, bike or public transportation. This new e-mobile takes you to the office in the morning, from the parking lot to your final destination, or to the cafĂ© two blocks down for lunch, always saving a lot of precious time.

Check the link for a video of the easyglider X6 in action

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