Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When AC/DC Succeeds the British Economy Fails

A BRITISH newspaper has pointed out that the success of AC/DC albums has coincided with the darkest of economic times in the UK.

AC/DC's latest album, Black Ice, has roared to the top of the UK album charts, giving them their first number one there in 28 years.

As the Guardian points out, Back in Black topped the UK charts in 1980, "just as inflation had reached 20% and unemployment inched towards 2 million."

Britain's Highway to Hell
1973 - AC/DC form
Economy: Start of the oil crisis, which saw the price quadruple

1980 - AC/DC release breakthrough album Back In Black
Economy: Inflation in UK reaches 20% and unemployment nears 2 million

1990 - AC/DC score comeback with The Razor's Edge
Economy: Recession in UK imminent

2008: AC/DC top UK album charts
Economy: Biggest world recession in decades looms


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