Thursday, November 20, 2008


Look like the airlines now misplace people too.

Tampa, Florida -- The nightmare is over for a Tampa family after a Bay area grandma got lost by the airlines.

Wheelchair-bound Elfride Kuemmel was on her way back home to Tampa Monday when a US Airways employee wheeled her on to the wrong connecting flight.

The 83-year-old wound up in Puerto Rico, where she was initially told she'd have to spend the night at the airport.

Kuemmel's daughter Vera was waiting at baggage claim in Tampa when an airport official finally discovered her mother was waiting in the wrong city.

"I was upset, and I told them there was no way they were going to leave her in the airport all night waiting to leave on a flight at 3:30 in the afternoon," said Vera Kuemmel.

US Airways eventually put Elfriede up in a hotel, paid for her dinner, and flew her back to Tampa first class.

She arrived home around 8:30 Tuesday night.

A spokeswoman for US Airways says they're still investigating what happened.


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