Monday, November 10, 2008

Teenager mess causes burglary mix-up

I know, your rooms aren't this bad!

From Germany:

A woman who reported a burglary had to apologize when her daughter admitted making the mess trying to find her bikini.

She rang police thinking her house in Rheydt, near Moenchengladbach, Germany, had been ransacked by burglars.

Sylvia Riegler, 16, turned up as police were trying to work out how burglars had entered the locked flat and told her mum she had not had time to clear up after finding her bathing gear.

A police spokesman said: "It looked like a classic break-in when we arrived, ornaments had been broken, draws emptied and furniture upended. It was chaos, but there was no sign of forced entry."

The embarrassed teenager said: "My mum is always going on at me about the mess I make and I admit that I am a bit untidy. But I really didn't think I had caused so much mess."

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