Monday, November 17, 2008

Top Chef

The other day my brother was walking in Union Square, pushing and shoving a herd of unemployed, entry-level hedge fund analysts begging for change. He happened across season 4 faves Richard Blais & Andrew Dambrosi doing demos to promote the new season. They cooked Jay food and Richard even asked Jay for advice on a future Japan trip so they swapped e-mails. Jay asked if Richard remembered a family in Hotlanta who he showed around the kitchen and Richard said "oh you mean the family that my maitre'd Chet Huntley helped set up a beer pong table for their freshman daughter with the crazy Jewish mom from Long Island? Every other word she said was about how awesome her son's friend is and how much he likes the show". And so Richard & Andrew signed us these photos because they keep it real. Andrew was funny and at the event they played a clip of him saying he and Mark (the New Zealander) are going to be friends for life to which Andrew said actually they haven't talked since.

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