Monday, December 08, 2008

Oh No!

Man vs. Wild and the wild wins.

Adventurer Bear Grylls was in agony yesterday as he waited to be airlifted to hospital after breaking his shoulder on a 9,000ft mountain in Antarctica.

The 34-year-old television presenter suffered a serious shoulder injury while climbing an ice mountain in the far north of the freezing continent.

The accident happened whilst Grylls was preparing to spend the Friday night in a bivoaucing suspended on a ice shelf.

Daredevil: Bear Grylls broke his shoulder

Daredevil: Bear Grylls broke his shoulder

Although he was in severe pain, his back up team took the decision to wait until until Saturday morning before evacuating him to their Antarctic basecamp.

A spokesman for the former SAS soldier said: "He has broken his shoulder and is in a lot of pain. He is calm and collected - but in pain. It is par for the course for the sort of thing that Bear does - this was a dangerous trip."

Grylls was in Antarctica for a trip designed to improve the green credentials of bio-fuels. His four-man team is being sponsored by biofuel company Ethanol Ventures.

Bear Grylls - whose real first name is Edward - left the Territorial Army's SAS regiment after a parachute jump in which parachute failed to fully open. Amazingly he survived with three broken vertebrae.

Since then he made his name as an adventurer - he was the youngest person ever to have climbed Mount Everest. He then turned his hand to motivational speaking and television presenting.

Earlier this year his program Born Survivor was at the center of television fakery complaints when a former crew member revealed that his existence had been far more comfortable that it was suggested on-screen.

Grylls has also been criticized by rival survival expert Ray Mears who branded him a 'Boy Scout' and a 'showman'.


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