Friday, January 09, 2009

Hot Dog Vendors

Here's an idea become a hot dog cart salesman.

The average income for a hot dog vendor, working year round is about $100,000/year. The maximum income for you, is essentially unlimited

A hot dog with bun and toppings costs an average of 50 cents

An average vendor resells a hot dog for $2.25

Sell 100 hot dogs a day you will earn $58,500/year

Sell 250 hot dogs a day you will earn $146,250/year

These figures are based on working 5 days/week, 8 hours/day.

Hot dog revenue can be increased by making an extra charge for toppings such as chili, sauerkraut, cheese etc. Most vendors charge $0.50 per extra topping.

These figures do not take into consideration sales of other products like soda, potato chips, slush, candies or just about anything you wish to sell. We know of one hot dog vendor that makes more selling flowers than he does hot dogs.

Many hot dog vendors only work occasional weekends doing special events such as sporting games, parades, carnivals etc. The earning potential for just One single event can be $1,000-$5,000 for a day, if you can find the right events. Even if you do not pick the best events the earning potential is much more than the average days pay for a typical American worker.


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Steve said...

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