Friday, March 20, 2009

Eating Sushi Properly


Do not rub chopsticks together vigorously in an attempt to sand them down and remove any splinters. Better to remove any wisps of bamboo with your fingers or, better yet, ask for a new pair.

When not eating with chopsticks, place them on the chopstick rest, which at Hiro Sushi is a peanut in a shell (a nod to Chiba, the region where Hiro Yoshida grew up). Do not rest them on the side of the soy sauce dish.

Do not leave chopsticks standing straight up in a bowl of rice. It too closely resembles the incense burned at funerals.

Do not pass food to someone else's plate with the end of the chopsticks you ate from. Turn them around and use the square end.

Don't hang chopsticks out of the mouth.

Decide what you want to eat from a sushi plate before you pick it up. It is rude to hover above the plate, moving the chopsticks around indecisively.

The chopsticks should be held close to the top, particularly by women, since it makes their fingers and hands look more elegant.

Never point with chopsticks.

If eating in the style of the samurai, you would never allow more than the first inch of the chopsticks to enter your mouth.


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