Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Even Better Than Cool

What a great review of a Hall & Oates concert in Baltimore from The Washington Post:

Hall & Oates don't have to maintain an image. In fact, the blue-eyed soul duo -- which dominated commercial radio throughout the '80s -- is in many ways immune to the anxieties that vex successful pop musicians.

This is because Hall & Oates are not cool.

When Daryl Hall and John Oates hit the stage with a five-piece backing band Friday night at Baltimore's Ram's Head Live, they created a coolness vacuum -- a squares-only zone that extended all the way from the drum riser to the lip of the stage.

The truth is you can't stay cool forever, but a catchy song can endure throughout the ages. And Hall & Oates have plenty of those.

Hall & Oates isn't cool, but being cool isn't everything.

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