Saturday, May 23, 2009

Prom Dress Made of Coke Tabs

Only in Atlanta. Maranda Smith arrived at her West Forsyth High School Prom wearing a dress made of soda can pop tops.

Smith discovered the idea about three years when she was surfing several crafting web sites. One of them featured a girl who had made a dress out of the tabs on top of soda cans. It was then Smith decided she would do the same.

Her collection started off small. She got her mom to buy more canned drinks and slowly the tops started adding up. But she knew if she wanted to make an entire dress, she had to have some help. She got her friends and even some teachers at West Forsyth High School to contribute.

Once she reached about 3,000 tabs, she began constructing the dress. To make it, she took two tabs and put them back to back with the scratchy sides facing each other. Smith weaved them together with plush ribbon to create a row.

This Prom Dress Is Made Of Soda Can Pop Tops


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