Monday, September 07, 2009

Art from Produce Labels

Roofing houses is one of Erie artist Barry Snyder's day jobs, and putting those shingles together keeps him tuned up for his avocation: creating mosaics from produce stickers.

A proudly aging hippie with a mane of gray hair and a mountain-man beard, Snyder features subjects looking back to 1960s album covers, vintage automobile ads and classic paintings.

It's more complex than a first glance suggests. There's a subtle shadow under the car in one mosaic, and in Snyder's take on Grant Wood's "American Gothic," the green stickers are cut to delineate lapels, jacket and sleeves.

Got produce stickers?

Send them to become part of a Barry Snyder mosaic:

Stickerman P.O. Box 301 Erie, CO 80516


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