Friday, September 04, 2009

Brain Fitness

How to keep your brain fit.

Monthly, do at least one of these:

  • Read two books of at least 200 pages
  • Spend at least 12 hours learning a new language
  • Spend at least 12 hours learning to play a musical instrument

Weekly, do at least two of these:

  • Play a game of chess (try to keep it going for at least 30 minutes)
  • Do a crossword puzzle (completing at least 90 percent of the puzzle)
  • Play a few hands of bridge
  • Read an intellectually stimulating magazine
  • Spend 30 minutes writing with your non-dominant hand (do not strain it)
  • Write an epic poem
  • Spend 30 minutes on brain exercises
  • Some brain exercise ideas:

  • Choose a letter of the alphabet and think of names starting with that letter
  • Try to do daily tasks with your eyes closed or using your non-dominent hand (make sure what you are doing is safe)
  • Try to read upside down

1 comment:

Martin Walker said...

I like this list! Much more inventive than others I've seen. And these things look like fun.

I'd say that the books could be less than 200 pages if they have a lot of five syllable words...

As to brain exercises this is something I'm particularly enthusiastic about. My company uses a scientifically proven brain training protocol that can increase fluid intelligence (problem-solving ability) by more than 40% in just 19 sessions of training.

I'd recommend people to keep an open mind and check it out: Brain Fitness Pro

Martin Walker