Friday, September 25, 2009

Vintage Computer Festival

This year was the 6th annual Vintage Computer Festival (VCF). Some background on VCF:

What is the VCF, anyway? It's a CELEBRATION of pre-modern computers and related technologies. Moreover, VCF exhibits are hands-on -- imagine a car show where you get to drive every car!! It's pretty dull to merely imagine vintage computers doing something, so we require our exhibitors to have live demos all weekend long. (VCF is not a swap meet, but you'll still have a chance to buy some things or even come home with prizes.)

This is pretty pathetic, interesting or just plain nuts. We have the following "vintage" computers and accessories not including our Apple IIe.

Our first computer a DEC VT-180. Still in the basement.

Why is this man smiling when he is not even holding Elephant Brand disks. We have both.

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