Monday, February 01, 2010

Learn to Drive a Zamboni

From NY1:

A Manhattan ice rink is offering what may be the coolest ride in town.

The Battery Park City Ice Rink is the first in the country to offer Zamboni driving lessons.

For about $250, participants can take an eight-hour course on how to safely drive and maintain the ice resurfacing machine.

"We needed to find some time of mechanism, some program, where we could get people out on the ice, have some fun, let them have some fun,” said Glen Danischewski of Rink Management Services. “There are a lot of people out there that have dreamed about driving Zambonis, about being on the ice for the [National Hockey League] or figure skating and it just seemed kind of a natural."

So far, about a half dozen people have signed up for the course which also includes lessons off the ice.

"We have a syllabus and we go through teaching people the safety operations of the machines, operating the machine, and making an ice sheet," Danischewski said.

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