Thursday, March 11, 2010

Australian man finds 9ft python in toilet

Be careful in Australia H-$.

Answering the call of nature took on new meaning for Robert Eves when he discovered this monster serpent coiled in his toilet bowl. In a scene only embodied in many peoples' worst nightmare, Mr Eves came face to scaled snout with the 2.7m carpet python during a night-time trip to his North Ward cottage's bathroom.

''It was about 9pm and I was going to the bathroom,'' Mr Eves, 65, said. ''I saw a dark shape in the toilet, so I turned on the light to check what it was and there was the snake sitting quite happily in the bottom of the bowl. I wasn't scared because I knew it was harmless. It's one thing to have a frog in the toilet, but not a massive python.''

After recovering from the shock of finding the serpent in his toilet, Mr Eves raised the alarm and quickly employed a local snake catcher. Attending snake wrangler Brian West said it had most likely used the city's sewer system to find its way into the Mr Eve's bathroom. He said carpet pythons were common in North Ward, however, the toilet specimen was ''unusually large''.

''Most people don't understand that the sewerage system is full of air, not water,'' Mr West said. ''There are also plenty of rats down there and it makes a pretty ideal environment for the snakes.'' The snake was released in bushland in accordance with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service guidelines.


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