Thursday, June 17, 2010

Play Me I'm Yours

Play Me, I’m Yours: New York City 2010

“Play Me, I’m Yours” is an artwork by British artist Luke Jerram who has been touring the project globally since 2008.

At 9am on Monday the 21st June, 60 pianos will be distributed and then unveiled across New York City by Sing for Hope. Located in public parks, streets and plazas the pianos will be available until 5th July for any member of the public to play and engage with.

This website is made for you to post and share your films, photos and stories about the pianos. While documenting each piano’s journey, the website will connect the pianos with their individual communities across the city. Following the artwork, the pianos will be donated to local schools and community groups. To volunteer as a piano buddy with Sing for Hope, please sign up by clicking here.

Play Me, I’m Yours is being presented simultaneously in London and New York. Connect here with the street pianos across the Atlantic.

For locations and more info

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