Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Correct Your Own Posture

This is something that I really should follow up with.

Lane Franklin, LLC has come out with a new posture correction device called PostureNOW.  The company says it can permanently correct posture in as little as 10 minutes a day.

When you are seated or standing in the correct position, there is little tension on the elastic bands, but when you slouch, tension on the bands increase to remind you to straighten your posture.  PostureNOW is supposed to strengthen your upper back muscles as they straighten in response to the band pressure and then hold the correct position.

The strap-like device, actually a wide tension band,  has two neoprene armbands on either side that are attached to the back band with smaller elasticized bands.  The whole apparatus slides up your arms like a jacket or coat, when you place one arm in each armband.

PostureNOW responds to slouching by stretching the tension band across the back: © Lane Franklin LLC

For more information or to purchase the PostureNOW, visit Posturenow.com.


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