Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Only in Japan

Haley- for you:

Japan only: Nintendo DS water games and Mogumo-Kun SD case

If you know someone in Japan or someone who is planning to take a trip there, or even better, if you're planning to go there yourself, here are a couple of cute goodies to bring back.

Mogumo-Kun by Elcom
Mogumo-Kun is an SD case that can also be strapped to your cell phone, fulfilling the double function of protecting your SD card and decorating your cell phone. The case comes in three different sizes: microSD, miniSD and SDHC. Via Akihabaranews.

Nintendo DS water games
This is a nice collectors item for all Nintendo fans. The water games case is a perfect miniature replica of the DS console and comes in three different colors (white, black and light blue), each featuring a different Mario water game. You can practice your retro-gaming skills by trying to get all the coins into the box, or trying to get the red ball into the red flower and the green ball into the green flower. The third game looks a lot like Tetris, but doesn't look like it would be as much fun as the other two. Via Tokyomango.

via Popgadget

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