Thursday, March 01, 2007

A day in History

Today in 1913 the Federal Income Tax took effect.

From the Tax History Project:

Regular Features:

Tax History Museum
A virtual museum of American tax history. (CAN YOU GET MORE EXCITING THAN THIS?)

The Price of Civilization
An in-depth study of American taxation during the Great Depression and World War II.

Presidential Tax Returns
Copies of the tax returns filed by various American presidents, including Franklin Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush. (WOW!)

Taxing Federalism
Selected readings from the Federalist Papers, including every major discussion of the Constitution's power to tax.

Image Gallery
Cartoons, posters, and other images from the history of U.S. taxation. (WHY AREN'T THESE IN THE MUSEUM?)

Readings in Tax History
Research, analysis, and commentary on tax history and contemporary tax debates. (NOW YOU'RE TALKING)

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