Thursday, March 01, 2007


Worldometer uses your computer's clock, so if you are curious to learn the number of HIV-infected in 2050 then just change your system time to 2050. It will calculate values based on current interesting statistics and demographics data.

tons of produced food this year
millions of calories, consumed this year
millions of grams of protein consumed in this year
underweight kids right now
hungry people right now
people who died of hunger today
dollars, spent on dieting in the USA this year

World Population
current Earth population
births this year
births today
absolute population growth for today (births minus )

Government & Economics
Govt. expenditures on military this year ($U.S. millions)
Govt. expenditures on education this year ($U.S. millions)
Countries in the U.N.
Cars produced this year
Bicycles produced this year
Computers sold this year.

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