Friday, February 06, 2009

RC Helicopter Accident

Be careful when playing with your RC helicopter and mean people.

From The Sun:

A MODEL aircraft nut crippled a fellow fan by flying a remote controlled helicopter into his HEAD.

Lo Kwok-Wah, 46, was in a coma for months and is now confined to a wheelchair after his head was cut open by the spinning rotor of the 1.5m long model chopper.

The blade sliced a 20cm gash in his head, leaving the dad-of-two with brain damage and unable to move his left arm and leg, a court in Hong Kong was told.

Lo had been watching fellow enthusiast Chan Man-king, 40, fly the £2,500 model helicopter on a piece of parkland where model-aircraft hobbyists met in January last year.

Alarmed at the way Chan was flying the helicopter, Lo shouted out a warning to him to be careful seconds before the helicopter went out of control and hit him

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